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The VIPCV Masterclass

A 4-week masterclass where you will be in the company of 9 other

equally-driven individuals to be empowered with the habits to a successful job search. The goal is for you to walk away with greater confidence in your job search and with a new job opportunity, so here is how we will get you there.


Modern Job Search Mindset

Job search is continuously evolving and old rules don't always apply to the new game. We'll dive into the modern job search philosophy.


LinkedIn Branding & Success

LinkedIn goes beyond just being a social network version of your resume. Learn how to become a power-user and get recruiters and hiring managers to notice you.


Managing Your

Job Search

As the saying gos "what you fail to measure, you fail to improve". Applying to jobs is half the story, managing the job search process is what takes your game from good to great.


One Formula for Resume Success

We all know what we've done but sometimes have a hard time putting it down into words. We'll learn about one formula that will change the way you write resumes forever.

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How Companies

Interview & Hire

The way companies hire has always been the "black hole" of job search. You'll gain

 an unfair advantage by diving into what happens on the other side of the table.



Our Network

We have interacted with 100s of recruiters and companies and will facilitate introductions where there is a good

potential job fit.


Cover Letters that Speak

Cover letters aren't just extra documents you add before your resume. We'll walk through how to create a cover letter that speaks about you and

for you.




One of the biggest missed opportunities for job seekers is that they don't negotiate their offers. We'll show you how to talk money and increase your earning potential.




Throughout the program, you will you will have direct time with the instructor to help guide you through your job search, help address challenges, and steer you in the right direction

The Cirriculum

Studies show that it takes about 30 days to build new habits. The VIPCV program has been designed to be delivered over 4 weeks, where the week after builds on the week before it so you can stack your new habits into a successful track and start seeing results unfold before your very eyes.

Foundation Phase


Job Search Philosophy

Resume Formula

Cover letter writing

Weekly 1-on-1 Follow up

Scaling Phase


LinkedIn Success

Job Search Management


Weekly 1-on-1 Follow up

Delivery Phase


How Companies Hire

Interview Success

Offer Negotiation

Weekly 1-on-1 Follow up

Trifecta Phase

Week 4

Tying it all together and repeating the process until success


Just because the masterclass is 4-weeks long, it does not mean our journey ends there. After the masterclass wraps up, it's all about implementation and working through applying to jobs and interviewing. We will be in constant contact once a week to review what you've done, what's working, and what can be done better...until you land job.


"I've been on both sides of the table."

With over seven years of sales and recruitment experience under my belt, you could say I've learned a thing or two about how to sell value and own the job search with confidence. I've spoken and worked with 100s of recruiters and conducted 100s of interviews over the course of my career, so I’ve been on both sides of the table. I’ve hired entry-level, manager-level, and director-level talent and intimately understand what’s important to get hired at the companies you want. I’m a University of Waterloo alum and have built my career in the Silicon Valley of the North, right here in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada. 

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