When your job application gets rejected, you think:

“If I could only land an interview, they’d hire me"

Getting a job is a full time job in itself, but it shouldn't be this hard, right? It shouldn't seem like you're running in  a rat race. Right now, a company is missing out on you. So, forget everything you know about job search. It's time to claim your confidence back and get hired.


I recall one of my students saying:


"I used the same resume for 20 years"

Does that sound like you?

Job search. Now those are two words that you probably aren't too keen to bust out at a (virtual) party. You've been applying everywhere, but not landing any interviews. Confidence is not the first thing you feel when you think of trying to land your next job opportunity and COVID isn't exactly helping. You've tried everything:

~ Asking people if they know anyone hiring ~

~ Searching multiple job boards ~

~ Getting friends to 'edit' your resume ~

~ Random reach outs to people ~

~ Settling for a minimum wage job to get by ~

You might be feeling like it's a never-ending battle but let me tell you...


Have you tried using the HABITS to a successful job search?

The challenges your face in your job search are less about going through it and more about HOW you go through it. Getting skilled at your job search is like anything else in life: if you create the right habits, you can get good results again and again. Instead of preparing you for one specific job or interview, the VIPCV course will teach you time-tested habits gained from studying hundreds of resumes and interviews and speaking with just as many job seekers just like you. These habits will help you get into the door at companies and help you land more interviews.

So what habits will you exactly be learning?

Modern Job Search Philisophy


✔️ Delivering your Value


✔️ Starting with your WHY


✔️ Modern Foundation

Formula for Resume and Cover Letter Writing


✔️ One-Formula Resumes

✔️ Cover Letters that Speak

✔️ Easy Writing Approach

On-brand LinkedIn Profile and Success


How Companies Hire and Interview Success


✔️ Learn the Hiring Process used by Companies

✔️ How to Succeed at Each Interview Stage

It's Like Having a Recruiter's Brain in Your Pocket

Where our VIPs have been hired


"I've been on both sides of the table."

Hey, I'm Muni, great to connect with you! I lead recruiting at Canada's fasted-growing tech company and come with over seven years of sales and recruitment experience under my belt. You could say I've learned a thing or two about how to sell value and own the job search with confidence. I've spoken and worked with 100s of recruiters and conducted 100s upon 100s of interviews over the course of my career, so I’ve been on both sides of the table. I’ve hired entry-level, manager-level, and director-level talent and intimately understand what’s important to get you hired at the companies you want.

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Increase in Results

You're the VIP. Here's What You Get in This Course.

The VIPCV course has been built to teach you the most powerful job search techniques in the shortest time possible.

Included in this course are:

4 MODULES: We cover every major aspect of the job search so you get a full 360-view of what's ahead

  • Modern Job Search Philosophy

  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing

  • LinkedIn Success

  • How Companies Hire and Interview Success

24 VIDEOS: In-depth, easy-to-follow instructional videos shot in HD:

  • The Modern Job Search Philosophy

  • Starting your job search with your WHY

  • Modern Resume Philosophy

  • One-Formula Approach to Resume-Writing

  • Recruiter's Tips to Improve Your Resume

  • Modern Cover Letter Philosophy

  • Cover Letter Writing Approach

  • Why Use LinkedIn

  • How to Create an On-Brand LinkedIn Profile

  • How to Become a LinkedIn Power user

  • How Companies Hire Today

  • How to Prioritize your Job Applications

  • How to Connect with People at Companies

  • How to use LinkedIn to find and reach out to the right people

  • How to Ace the Phone Screen

  • The 10 Interview Success Habits

  • How to Negotiate the Offer

  • and many more golden nuggets!

3 Guides: example guides to help you create your own cover letter, resume, and a cheat sheet:

  • Example Resume

  • Example Cover Letter

  • Job Search Cheat Sheet

"I landed a job before I finished the course"


A lot of what's out there right now on how to land a job is outdated at best. Career centres are designed to help people at volume, which means you won't get the personalized help you need. Online, there is so much information that you don't know where to start or what is legitimate or not. The VIPCV course cuts out all the noise and gives you exactly what you need with no added fluff. Every lesson is packed with job search habits that you can learn easily, and with a bit of practice, they will become career-long habits.

So, what makes these habits so powerful?

Peace of mind and clarity.

You’ll know exactly what you need to do when applying to jobs and how to do it so you can focus on the goal rather than getting lost in the details

Mental Shortcuts.

When you practice the same habits over and over, your brain creates mental shortcuts so you can do more with less effort. You'll be more confident when applying and with less effort.


When you learn with habits and achieve successes in your job search, it builds your confidence to succeed again and again and again until you land the job you want.

Frequently asked questions

Does taking this course guantee I get a job?

Noone and no course can guarantee you will land a job. This course is designed to provide you the best quality advice and lessons from a seasoned recruiter that will greatly improve your job search performance and increase the chances of landing more interviews.

How long is this course?

This course was designed to help you hit the ground running as quicly as possible. If you were to go through the course without stopping to take notes and apply the lessons, the course would take about 2 hours. It contains no fluff and gives you the direct advice you need to be able to apply it right away and start seeing results.

What types of job seekers have benefited from this course?

This course has been benefited from job seekers, from fresh university/college graduates to seasoned executives, across multipe fields including tech, engineering, sales, marketing anf more. The course is designed to provide you job search advice that works regardless of what field/industry you're in or what stage you are in your career.

What if I don't like this course after purchasing it?

We stand behind our course, and the satisfaction of our VIPs is our top priority. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for full refund if you are not happy with your purchase.

VIP Satisfaction and Security

We stand behind our course, and the satisfaction of our VIPs is our top priority. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for a full refund if you are not happy with your purchase.  

Your online security is not something we take lightly. Your payment will be securely processed through Stripe and you can use a variety of payment methods.

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